Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. Will my subscription cover my employees, too?
A. It depends on how you use the system. Your subscription allows alert emails to one email address. Which address you choose is up to you. Further, access to the information for your username/password is limited to two Internet Provider Addresses (IPAs). This means that you may log in from no more than two different Internet connections without paying for another subscription. This could be your home computer and your web-enabled smart phone, for instance...or your home computer and your work computer. It's up to you which two you use (if you even need two).
Q. May I log in from two computers at a time?
A. No. Since our subscriptions are one-to-a-person, we can't imagine why anyone would need to be online with us twice at the same time. We have heard nasty rumors from similar online services that some of their customers share their logins with multiple people. If we allowed that, we'd go broke in this small hail damage industry!
Q. Do you offer hail swath maps?
A. No.  What we offer is the Internet's best hail alerting and reporting service.  We do a better job than all our competitors on getting you timely notifications of hail fall reports, as well as showing you where those reports fall on a map and making local storm area information easily available to you.  That's what sets The Hail Reporter apart.  So if you want the best hail alerting and reporting, you're in the right place, and if you need swath maps, you can do as many of our customers do:  buy your swaths elsewhere, and your alerting and reporting from The Hail Reporter.  Since our alerting and reporting are free for one state and only $99 for Nationwide, that's a no-brainer when compaired to the high prices you'll pay for alerting elsewhere!  
Q. Where do you get your hail report data?
A. We get the bulk of our data from NOAA, and they get it from thousands of trained spotters and emergency services professionals nationwide. We may also scan other sources and media as well.
Q. Can I buy multiple seats for my company, all in one transaction?
A. Yes.  If you don't want to purchase the seats one at a time, simply contact us and we'll set up your accounts manually.
Q. What are the system requirements for a subscription to The Hail Reporter™?
A. To take advantage of all of our website's functionality, you will need:

  • A subscription (at any level) to The Hail Reporter™. (Subscriptions start at $0 and go up depending on the area coverage you want.)
  • A working Internet connection. The higher the connection speed, the better your experience will be, naturally.
  • A web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.
  • Cookies enabled in your browser's settings.
  • JavaScript enabled in your brower's settings.
  • A valid email address.

To receive email alerts from The Hail Reporter™ on your computer, you will need:

  • A subscription (at any level) to The Hail Reporter™. (Subscriptions start at $0 and go up depending on the area coverage you want.)
  • A working Internet connection.
  • A valid email address.
  • An email client program such as Outlook or Outlook Express, or a web browser for viewing your email online.

To receive email alerts from The Hail Reporter™ on your cell phone, you will need:

  • A subscription (at any level) to The Hail Reporter™. (Subscriptions start at $0 and go up depending on the area coverage you want.)
  • A web-enabled cell phone. (This is often called a "smart phone".)
  • A valid email address. (Alerts will be sent to one email address, which you may view either on your computer or on your smart phone, or both.)

Q. Does use third-party cookies to serve up ads and to reveal user's information to third parties like some of the other hail alerting services do?
A. No.  The only cookie our system places on your computer is the one that recognizes your membership account with Hail Reporter.  We make our money by offering a state-of-the-art service at a fair price, and not by offering a lesser service in hopes of raising ad revenue.
Q. Are there ads on your website?
Yes.  In order to provide Statewide subscriptions for free and to reduce the cost of our Nationwide subscriptions, we have made arrangements with a major sponsor whose banner ad may be seen in one or more places on this website, and/or on the daily forecast emails.  Further, we may include links to service providers for other related services.
Q. Will you share my account information with anyone?
Yes, in a limited way. When you sign up at, you agree to receive communications from us and from our primary sponsor from time to time.  Each communication from our primary sponsor will have its own separate "unsubscribe" link, so that you can unsubscribe from those communications without affecting your Hail Reporter account.  When you sign up, the primary sponsor will be notified of your name, email address, and business type.  None of your payment information will be transferred.
Q. Does The Hail Reporter offer SMS (text) alerts?
A. No.  With the advent of smart phones with email capability, demand for SMS alerts is waning, and no longer justifies the expense of making the service available.  
Q. I let my subscription expire. How do I get it back?
A. With The Hail Reporter, your subscription never completely goes away.  Rather, at the end of your paid period, it automatically reverts to a Statewide (Free) subscription.  To upgrade from Statewide to Nationwide, simply log in (so the system knows who you are), and then pick the subscription level you want from our Subscribe page.  Then go to the My Settings page to select the states you want. 


5 Reasons You Need The Hail Reporter™!

1. Get the jump on the competition!
Get the jump on your competitors by having customizable email alerts within minutes of each hail fall report. Whether you're in roof repair, auto hail damage repair, agriculture, or insurance, when it hails, you need to get moving quickly. Be amongst the first to call, the first to arrive, and the first to get organized on the ground. In these hard economic times, you need every advantage you can get!
2. Just the right coverage at just the right price!
Whether you want a FREE statewide account or a paid Nationwide account, we're proud to offer you just the coverage you need. See all plans.
3. Saves you loads of research time!
If you are currently using NOAA's website to research hail fall--or even if you're using one or our competitors' services, you're having to look up a lot of things on your own. The Hail Reporter™ was designed by been-there-done-that folks who realize that your time is very valuable, and that you don't want to go all over the web to find out whether a storm is worth your time! And it's not just the storm data, but also the information about local competition, materials, vendors, lodging, and on and on. After all, the old saying "Time is money" is right for most of us who work in the hail damage industry.
4. Be prepared for incoming hail.
Whether you're a weather spotter, car dealer, news reporter, or events coordinator, our alerts can tip you off when it hails upwind of you or in your vicinity. Why wait until it's actually hailing to find out that it may be headed your way? And in addition to our alerts, we have the best hail forecasts page on the web! See a sample forecast page here. You can also subscribe for our free Daily Hail Forecast Emails. You'll get a simple email every morning at 6:30 CST showing the current "Day One Hail" forecast map from NOAA. At just a glance, you'll have a pretty good idea whether hail is likely for your area!
5. Pays for itself quickly!
If you earn a living in the hail repair industry, our pricing is so reasonable that it pays for itself very easily. Whether it's simply helping you save time, or helping you land new work, it's easy to see the return on investment (ROI) with The Hail Reporter™.