About The Hail Reporter

The Hail Reporter™ is a publication of Stontech, LLC.  We are a company that looks for niche opportunities on the Internet, with an eye toward meeting un-met needs.  As our team's collective life experiences have made us quite familiar with several of the various hail-related industries, it was painfully obvious that none of the available hail alerting services provided the truly excellent and excellent features that the hail industry needs.  Further, their prices are gougingly high.   As we began to design a superior service, we realized that it could also be done at much more affordable price---allowing many more people to enjoy the benefits.

Our aim is to provide a superior service at a very reasonable price.  If you can think of ways we can do this better, we'd certainly love to hear your suggestions!

Custom Solutions

We are also available for custom programming and statistical analysis.  If you should have any needs that are not satisfied by The Hail Reporter™, please contact us to discuss a solution.

Stontech, LLC

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